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Enterprise message Suite
Managing Internal Communication

Instant Messaging
Enterprise MessageSuite's Instant Messaging solution enables users within the network to send and receive text messages. Files (of the following formats: txt, rtf, xls, pdf, zip, gif, jpg, xml and html) can also be attached to messages.

The Instant Messaging feature has several advantages over standard methods of communication like fax, phone and courier, as there are no time delays, all information sent / received is documented, there is no human element involved in transfer of information, confidentiality is maintained and costs are minimal. Even conventional emailing has its drawbacks. Both POP3 email ids and mail accounts provided by Email Service Providers (ESPs) offer no checks on unsolicited mails and viruses and in case of ESPs, there is no organizational control.

Queries & Responses
Queries are messages that demand a response. Queries, if not identified separately, could get lost or not receive the higher priority they demand, among other communication. It is also very difficult to manually keep track of all queries / responses sent or received.

In Enterprise MessageSuite's Query & Response System, Queries are identified and listed separately. The system enables a user to send queries to other users within the network and respond to queries addressed to him / her. All queries sent and responses received are tracked and a non-editable log is maintained to aid recall. If a query is received and has not been responded to, the user is intimated that a response must be sent. Similarly, the user is kept informed, if a query has been sent and a response has not yet been received.

Discussion Forum
Traditional methods of holding discussions like having all concerned people physically present at a specified place on an appointed date, teleconferencing and chat have several shortcomings such as high costs, time lost in travel, absence of documentation & security, etc.

Enterprise MessageSuite's Discussion Forum provides a secure way of holding meetings and discussions online with personnel across locations. It offers enterprises the flexibility of holding meetings / discussions at short notice and as often as required, as they are easier to organize and cost little. All Discussions are multi-threaded. A participant can respond to a specific query / view or response. Each thread can be traced back to its origin. Hence the entire discussion gets documented and is available for analysis. The feature provides users the flexibility of leaving a discussion and re-joining at a later point in time. The Discussion Forum also facilitates holding multi-channel discussions between concurrently logged on users, i.e., it facilitates holding concurrent discussions that are independent of each other.

The Chat module enables instant exchange of information through one-to-one / one-to-many chat sessions between concurrently online users in the network.

Enterprise MessageSuite's Chat is inexpensive, in addition to being completely secure and providing organizational control. A unique feature of Enterprise MessageSuite's Chat is that a user can send confidential messages to another participant of the same chat session that will appear on the message board of that participant only.

Managing External Communication

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