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Sherlock Infotech is a Software Products and Services Company having its Registered Office and Software Development Centre in Chennai. The company was established in August 1997 and its software development activities came into full swing in December the same year. The first three and a half years of Sherlock's operations since its inception were dedicated to the exhaustive study of business management requirements of various business segments and to the development and testing of the products themselves.

Sherlock's Solutions effect better co-ordination, increase efficiency and make information available at the push of a button. They aim at making decision-making easier and more effective for top management and aid organizations in reducing costs by facilitating optimum utilization of resources. The rich functional experience of the management team and their astute understanding of business processes prove to be an invaluable asset in defining the structure and function of the packages.

Sherlock counts its strong domain expertise, customer-oriented approach and ability to keep pace with technology as its key assets. Equipped with the latest in technology and backed-up by a group of highly experienced and well-trained management and software professionals, Sherlock is poised to become a market leader and a force to reckon with.

Sherlock specializes in e-Business Solutions, Business Management Solutions and Functional Applications. The company has developed customizable Software Solutions to meet Business Process Automation & Integration and Information System requirements of various business segments.

Sherlock offers:
 e-Business Solutions
 Business Management Solutions
 Functional Applications

Sherlock also offers services in
 Custom Software Development
 Web Applications and Websites
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