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Business Management Solutions

Sherlock offers Business Management Solutions (Client-Server applications), which fulfill the requirements of a range of business segments. Each one is a complete solution, integrating all the functions (Sales, Inventory, Financial Accounting, etc.) of an Enterprise. The software handles all the operations and data transactions of the Enterprise and meets its typical information systems requirements. Sherlock's Business Management Solutions are scalable, giving the organization the flexibility to opt for a specific version and then scale up later based on its requirement or its ability to invest. Sherlock has developed five different Business Management Solutions for the following segments.

 Manufacturing Enterprises

 Trading Concerns

 Transportation / Logistics Service Providers

e-Business Solutions

The advent of web-based technology has brought about a paradigm shift in an Enterprise's perception of and attitude to the global market. Sherlock's e-Business Solutions enable Multi-locational Organizations to effectively eliminate constraints due to geographical distances and benefit from Real-time information. Sherlock offers e-Business Solutions for

 Multi-locational Organizations - Online Integration of Internal Business Processes

 Online Management of Multi-locational Sales & Distribution Networks

 Enterprise Communication Management

All of Sherlock's Solutions are customizable and can be tailor-made to meet an organization's specific / unique requirements. They can also be seamlessly interfaced with existing ERP or backend database that an organization has in place. Sherlock's Business Management Solutions can be web-enabled to provide remote access to the application for a Multi-locational Enterprise.

  Key to Success  

The growth of an organization redefines its MIS requirements, demanding software solutions to meet such MIS requirements better. All Sherlock products are marked by continuous development and enhancement to keep pace with such evolving business needs. Customers are assured of continuous support for all Sherlock products in the form of periodic version upgrades that incorporate the latest in business practices. Sherlock also offers on-going development & implementation support for customer-specific requirements. Thus, an investment in a Sherlock product becomes an investment that lasts a lifetime.

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