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Information knows no bounds today and one has to credit the ubiquitous Internet in eliminating geographical distances for knowledge dissemination and business prospecting. The World Wide Web has indeed made the vision of a global village a reality. Sherlock has very much been a part of this information revolution and extends its services in the following areas:

Website Design / Development

Innovation is the hallmark of designing at Sherlock and clarity in content and presentation are the primary objectives. For customized website and webapp requirements, Sherlock has provision for assignment of a Webmaster to co-ordinate with clients directly, in order to understand their requirements with accuracy. Applications to facilitate online reservation of hotel accommodation or travel tickets, online discussion forums, etc., can be integrated with the website. Development is done on DotNet and Java Platforms. Secure Socket Layers (SSL Secure Server) can be offered for credit card transactions.

Web Hosting

Sherlock employs the latest in technology - hardware and software. The company has its Web Server in the USA and provides 99% guaranteed uptime with high speed Optical Cable connectivity to the Internet Backbone. On-site UPS ensures uninterrupted access to the website. Clients can be provided with their own FTP access to the site and POP3 e-mail accounts. Web Hosting Accounts are offered on both Unix and Windows NT platforms. A wide range of Software and Database support is also provided.

Website Maintenance

Monotony drains off a visitor's enthusiasm and the informative value of the site. Sherlock's Website Maintenance services are aimed at achieving a refreshing quality and adding dynamism to the Website to match dynamic business requirements. The company provides Website activity logs, daily backup of data, MS FrontPage 2000 extensions, 24-hour on-site monitoring and excellent technical support.

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