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Enterprise Message Suite
Online Enterprise Communication Suite
(Messaging, Query/Response Discussion Forum & Chat)

Information is vital for effective decision-making and a good communication system is necessary for making the right information available to the right people at the right time. Multi-locational Enterprises especially, face constraints in the form of delays in obtaining information and costs (travel, long distance calls, faxes, couriers, manpower, etc.) due to geographically disperse locations. Also, management of internal communication becomes a mammoth task. Thus is felt the need for a communication tool that will not only eliminate geographic constraints and help streamline and manage communication but will also bring down communication costs.

Sherlock's Enterprise Message Suite enables multi-locational organizations to seamlessly integrate & manage its communications via the Internet. The Suite provides a secure and efficient means of managing all internal / external communication, and brings down communication costs substantially.

Defining Access Rights
The Administrator of the Enterprise Message Suite has complete access to the Solution. He / she defines each of the Enterprises locations, creates users and assigns access rights. Thus, only authorized users can log in to the Suite. Since all users are pre-defined, internal communication gets streamlined making message management effective.

Communications Management
The Suite provides a complete Communications Management Console to each user, which enables each user to keep track of all pending communication tasks. This feature also provides users with the facility to identify other concurrently on-line users.

Completely Secure

  1. The Enterprise Message Suite is completely secure.
  2. The Suite resides on Sherlock's Web Server and only authorized users as defined by the organization can have access to it.
  3. Software firewalls are provided on the Web Server.
  4. Every visit to the site is logged & monitored.
  5. The Suite does not accept any virus carrying file formats.

The Offline Advantage
A unique Offline component is available as an additional feature. Enterprise Message Suite is installed at all locations so that users have access to their set of communication tools even when they are not connected to the Internet. Offline component licenses are available for both Client-Server and Stand Alone configurations. This feature is especially useful when users want to compose mails / messages, manage their communication tasks, refer to mails / messages offline or are faced with connectivity failure.

Managing Internal Communication         Managing External Communication

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