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e-Business Solution for Online Integration of
Internal Business Processes for Multi-locational Enterprises

Growing competition has come to stay in almost every field of business activity. Most enterprises are to contend with competition not just from local players, but also global ones. Much of success in today's market place depends on the ability of the Enterprise to respond to Customer needs with promptness, through having an efficient, on-line Information System and a cost-effective communication channel in place, which can be relied upon every time. The enterprise also needs the decision-making tools that help clinch deals. CyberOffice leverages the power of the Internet to seamlessly interface the Enterprise with its entire network of Multi-locational Operations, and is perhaps the most dependable e-Business Solution meeting all of these success needs.

CyberOffice is a fully Web-enabled Enterprise Solution, integrating the operations of all your Regional Offices, Branches, Stock Locations, Sales / Service Outlets and all other Multi-locational operations with the Corporate Office, in real-time, including on-line Supply Chain management and on-line Customer Account management. The application resides on a secure Web Server and is database driven. The database dynamically accepts all transactions submitted by the different users at various locations and gets updated Online. The interactive content of CyberOffice enables company personnel to obtain information, from the continuously updated database.

Salient Features
On-line integration of all your Internal & External Business Processes including the Supply-Sales chain Management.
The Corporate Office has complete access to the database and selective access rights can be defined for all locations & levels of users.

CyberOffice features dynamic and interactive content. Data-entry is browser-based and data keyed in can be viewed, modified or even deleted on-line before final submission.

The application resides on a Private Domain Web Server, with each user being provided a secure Login Id and Password.

CyberOffice features both the Web Server component as well as Client resident components of Software (Desktop & Client-server versions).

The package is not on-line dependent, enabling users to also work off-line and periodically upload / download data, updating the Web & Client resident databases, respectively.

Event and / or transaction driven Automated Mailing / Messaging facility is provided by the package to take care of all routine communications.

The package belongs wholly to the Enterprise, whereas maintenance & technical software support is provided by Sherlock, for both the Web Server and all Client resident components of CyberOffice eliminating the requirement for an in-house team.

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Advance Warning Systems for
  • Stock Outs / Stocks falling below Re-order levels
  • Customer / Dealer exceeding Credit Limits
  • Reporting of exceptions, for timely action
  • Disallowing transactions that violate policies
  • Any other client defined events / situations
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Firewalls : Hardware & Software firewalls on Web Server.
Back-up : Daily back-up of Database on Web Server as well as back up on Local LAN Server.
Virus Protection : Does not accept Virus carrying file formats.
Server Security : Every visit to the site is logged & monitored.
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Operating Systems - Win 2000, Win NT, UNIX
Back Ends - Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase SQL, DB2

CyberOffice is completely Platform Independent, and can be customized to smoothly interface with any ERP or existing back-end database that the organization has.
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The Key Benefits

CyberOffice is Web-based; hence there are no geographical constraints, and is Cost Effective; to provide access to the package for all your locations & users.

The package is completely customizable and will meet all specific and unique requirements.

Reduction in Communication Expenses by up to 60% in case of large organizations, as CyberOffice reduces the need for long distance communication.

Reduction in Inventory Carrying Costs and an improvement in supply logistics.

The time delay in obtaining vital information from the network of locations is eliminated, enabling the enterprise to be highly efficient, and giving it a cutting-edge technological advantage over competition.

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More Intangible Benefits
  • Top Management decision-making more effective due to availability of real-time information.
  • Improved Customer Relationship Management through transparent servicing.
  • Improved Customer Redressal System - their requirements / complaints / suggestions are received on-line and can be attended to with minimum delay.
  • Communication between key people of the organization becomes location-independent.
  • Reduction in effective manpower. CyberOffice eliminates duplication of work, thereby releasing manpower for re-deployment.
Interactive Communication Tools
  • CyberOffice comes with complete online Enterprise Message Suite comprising of Messaging, Query / Response System, Discussion Forum and Chat

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