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Business Management Solution for Trading Concerns

TradeSoft (formerly known as FX Pro) is customized to manage all the business process of a trading concern. TradeSoft handles all aspects of your business viz. your purchases, stocks, sales and accounting. The package carries all the business transaction columns that you need. TradeSoft is specially structured so that it enables you to grow faster by providing you with effective MIS reports covering all key aspects of the business.

TradeSoft features complete Sales Order Processing, capturing details of Sales Orders, and generating Sales Delivery Challans, Sales Invoices, and generating all requisite reports.
Handles both Counter Sales as well as Invoice / Credit Sales.
TradeSoft treats Customer Accounts, uniquely, enabling you to define Credit Limits and Credit Periods for each of them.
Allows Sales Returns, updating stocks & the relevant account heads.
Gives you Product-wise, Manufacturer-wise, Order-wise and Customer-wise information on Pending Orders.
Enables you to effectively collect Payments due from Customers by providing you with information on Invoice-wise Outstanding Receipts.
Enables you to monitor Credit Policies for existing Customers by giving you Age-wise analysis of receivables.
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Inventory / Stock
TradeSoft values Inventory based on any of the following methods : LIFO or Weighted Average.
Provides effective Inventory management by accepting Inventory policies - Reorder Levels and Reorder Quantities for every Product.
TradeSoft enables you to plan Purchases efficiently through the Stock Details Report, which shows Product / Manufacturer / Supplier-wise positions of Products, Out-of-Stock & Non-Moving Products.
The Stock Movement Report enables you to track the total Purchases & Sales, Product-wise / Manufacturer-wise for each product, giving you accurate information on product sales performances.
ABC analysis gives you details of Slow / Fast moving products; enabling you to efficiently plan your Purchases & Sales.
TradeSoft automatically updates Stock on capturing details of Purchase DCs / Bills and depletes stock whenever Sales DCs / Invoices are raised.
Stock adjustments can be made, to take care of discrepancies between actuals & records during Internal Audits / Periodic Stock-taking, or due to occurrences of pilferage.
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TradeSoft stores Product Master Details.
Defines Suppliers, as account heads, in the Account Details form.
Enables you to purchase products at the best price with the help of the Price Comparison Chart.
TradeSoft enables you to generate Purchase Orders, based on requirements.
Accounts for Purchase Returns, reflecting the entry in stocks & accounts.
Gives you Product-wise, Manufacturer-wise, Order-wise and Supplier-wise information on Pending Orders.
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Financial Accounting
TradeSoft enables you to control Cash Rotation & Management through automatic generation of Cash Flow statements.
Eliminates need for qualified accountant by automatically generating Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement.
Helps track details through a 3-level Drill Down facility provided in Balance Sheet, P&L Statement, Trial Balance & General Ledger.
Captures details of Purchase Bills and identifies suppliers calculation errors through Purchase Bill Discrepancy report.
TradeSoft enables you to effectively regulate Payments due to Suppliers by generating reports on Bill-wise Outstanding Payments.
Raise Credit / Debit notes against Sales / Purchase returns and other transactions.
Interest Calculations on outstanding receipts help manage credit better.
TradeSoft maintains complete Books of Accounts - Journals, Ladgers, Cash / Bank Books, etc.
Making a single transaction-related entry, automatically updates all the related accounting heads. Adopts Double-Entry book-keeping method.
Helps reconcile Bank Statements.
Maintains records of all Sales Tax Forms issued / received during transactions.
Provides Audit Log facility, for periodic Internal Audits of both Accounts and Stocks.
TradeSoft smoothly carries forward all Master details, Product / Account Balances and any Unfinished Transactions of the previous year, while creating the next Financial Year.
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