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Enterprise Business Management Solution for
Manufacturing Enterprises

eProSoft, our Enterprise Resource Planning Software solution, integrates all business operations of a manufacturing activity, including Sales Planning and Order Processing including Exports and Countersales, Production Planning and Control, Work Order Processing, Purchase / Materials Procurement, Inventory Management and Control, Quality Control including Raw Material / Sub-Contract / Manufacturing Inspection, Stores Management and Stock Transfers, Manufacturing Reporting, complete Financial Management and Accounting, Excise, VAT, and Asset Management. In addition, the solution provides requisite user access rights and control. Easy to install and configure, eProSoft is easier to use, requiring low, if not nil, investment in trained personnel in data acquisition / entry operations. The MIS Reporting is exhaustive and helps managers quickly retrieve information out of the datastore and take informed decisions which are optimally effective.

Riding on a low investment compared to what comparable competitors offer, the Client will find ROI on the ERP investment to be high and the payback period quick, very quick indeed.

The following outlines the salient features of eProSoft :
  1. Complete Financial Accounting System, with specific, user-defined access and sanction-limit rights
    • User-defined Classification of Account Heads
    • Flexible Voucher Numbering System
    • Automated accounting entries ( double-accounting method ) for all bills and invoices
    • Complete Book-keeping
    • Registers and Statements of Accounts
    • General Ledger with complete drill-downs till the root document
    • Accounts Receivables and Payables
    • TDS treatment
    • Debit Note and Credit Note generation / treatment
    • Controlling Credit
    • Date-based / Monthly / Period-based Reporting
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Support for filing VAT Returns
    • Voucher and Cheque Printing
    • Cash-Flows etc
    • Flexible Asset Depreciation treatment
    • Audit-based Accounts and Stock adjustments permitted
    • Trial Balance
    • P&L
    • Balance Sheet
  2. Materials Management including Inventory Control and Stores Management
    • Versatile Material Classification and Coding
    • Material treatment on dual-units basis ( Units of Measure )
    • Setting up Inventory Control Norms and using same for auto-PO release for materials reaching respective re-order levels
    • Stores-wise Materials Management
    • Manual- and auto-Materials-Requisitioning
    • Complete Purchasing cycle – including Sending Enquiry / Capturing Quotation / Order Placement / Defining Delivery Schedules, together with raising amendments where required. Even PO cancellation and fore-closure.
    • Authorization for PO Approval and Release
    • Materials Accounting methods of Actuals and Weighted-Average
    • Stores-specific receipt and stocking of Materials
    • Separate Stores option for purchased and manufactured Materials
    • ABC Analysis of stock materials
    • Stock-out forecasts against Plan Production
    • Age-wise Analysis of Stocks, moving and non-moving
    • Classified reporting of Stocks, in-house and at subcontractors' end
    • Materials supplied by Suppliers against verbal Orders regularized through auto-PO-generation on receipt, subject to proper authorization
    • Materials taken into stock after Inspection acceptance. Materials can be taken directly into stock without Inspection, if desired and authorized.
  3. Sales Planning ( Annual – Monthly – Weekly ) & Sales Order Processing
    • Drawing up Sales Plan on Annual / Monthly / Weekly basis for Products classified for Sale in the Materials masters
    • Complete Sales Ordering Cycle, including Recording Enquiries / Sending Quotations / Registering Sales Orders and acknowledging them.
    • Releasing Sales Orders for Work-Order processing, where appropriate
    • Making Sales DCs, only if material is in stock
    • Raising Sales Invoice for such Sales
    • Managing Sales Returns for re-processing
    • Making Sample Sales @ zero price
    • Analyzing Sales on the basis of several parameters like Region-wise, Client-wise etc.
    • Separate treatment for Sales of manufactured and traded products
  4. Complete Production Planning and Control ( w/o Scheduling )
    • Drawing up upto 5 Monthly Production Plans based on Sales Plan, and freezing on one Active Plan
    • Drawing up Manufacturing Plans for Products, their down-stream assemblies and components, based-on frozen Bill-Of-Materials ( BOMs )
    • Arriving at Materials Requirement Plan for meeting the active Production Plan
    • Projecting availability of resources to meet the Plan
    • Helping arrive at “Make-or-Buy” decisions, based on Resource availability.
    • Projecting Plan Utilization of various resources ( Skilled Manpower, Machines and Time ) for the active Plan
    • Allocation of stocks to Manufacturing Plan requirement and project likely stock-outs that could hamper fulfillment of Production Plan
  5. Work Order Processing
    • BOM-based or non-BOM-based
    • Against Sales Order / Job-Order / Mfg-to-Stock
    • Auto-Generation of BOM-based Child Work-Orders for sub-assemblies and components
    • Order Quantities can be single or split into several Work-Orders
    • Work-Order based reporting on actual Production
    • Tracking of progress against specific work orders
  6. Material Requisitioning, Issues and Return Notes
    • BOM-based as well as non-BOM-based
    • Against Work Orders as well as non-Work Order – based
    • Multiple requisitions allowed for Work Order Quantity
    • Issues will be Requisition-based only. Non-requisition issues not permitted
    • Materials returned by shop-floor due to faulty material or wrong issues eligible for re-issue.
    • Excess issues not possible if BOM-based or Work Order-based. Material wastage for such reasons fully controlled
    • Each Store handles appropriate, stores-assigned materials
    • Material accounting facilitated
    • Stock Transfers feasible
    • Audit-based Stock verification and adjustment enabled
  7. Elaborate Quality Control / Assurance, for Purchased & Manufactured materials
    • Setting up detailed Inspection standards ( very flexible ) for all classifications of materials, whether bought, sub-contracted or in-house produced
    • Inspection of purchased material on sampling basis or 100% inspection basis
    • Similar Inspection of sub-contracted materials, or waiver of the same, as considered appropriate by client
    • Stock updation only after Inspection approval. Similarly, manufactured goods can be sent back for re-work in case of defects, and accepting the same into stock only after inspection approval
    • Sales Invoicing cannot be done if Inspection approval not obtained
    • Similarly, for bought-out items, material cannot be issued to shop-floor if Inspection approval not obtained
    • Daily reporting on materials received for inspection and cleared for manufacture / dispatch as the case may be
  8. Work-In-Process ( WIP ) Accounting
  9. Excise Documentation
    • RG-1 Daily Stock Register
    • CENVAT Credit Account
    • Personal Ledger Account (PLA)
    • RT-12 Excise Returns
    • ER-1 Report
    • Annexure for Otherwise Debits
    • Annexure for Miscellaneous Debits
    • Annexure for Invoices cleared under protest
    • Monthly Abstract of PLA / CENVAT
    • TR-6 Challan
  10. Purchase Sub-Contracting
    • Links Subcontracted Products with Materials to be supplied and scrap to be returned
    • Links Subcontracted Products to Subcontractors
    • Creates Subcontracting Job Orders (based-on / without quotations)
    • On selection of the subcontracted item, automatically lists details of materials to be issued and excess material / waste to be returned
    • Generates Excise Challan / DC for Despatch of material to Subcontractors
    • Specifies permissible wastage percentages (by Wt. / by Volume)
    • Captures details of Products received from subcontractors & excess material returned
    • Handles Inspection of items received and processes payments to vendors
  11. Sales Job-Order Processing
  12. Export Invoicing
  13. Counter-sales Invoicing
  14. Capital Goods Purchases and Sales
    • Automatic Depreciation Calculation
    • Consideration of Depreciation for any period
    • Schedule of Fixed Assets
    • Purchase of Assets / Material / Labour to be capitalized
    • Depreciation for Assets purchased during the year, with flexible Manual Control
    • Sale of Assets
  15. Security Aspects – Detailed Access Rights and multi-level Authorization
  16. Separate treatment for Manufactured and Traded stocks
  17. Product-Conversion feature enables breakdown of assemblies for component-level re-use
  18. MIS Reporting on every key result areas of business
  19. Available in Single-User and Multi-User formats

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