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Pay Plus
Software Solution for Personnel Management

Pay Plus is our complete Solution for Personnel Management.

Pay Plus
  • Captures Employee Grade Structure, Department and Team details for Employees at all the Branches of the Company
  • Enables you to define Salary Structures, Allowances and Commission Structures
  • Handles all the requirements of the organization with respect to PF, ESI and Income Tax (Form 16)
  • Captures details of Holidays
  • Accepts norms pertaining to Leave - Leave Types, Accruement, Carry Forward, etc. and automatically manages Leave Adjustments, Deductions and Encashment
  • Dynamically manages all Employment details like
    • Contracts
    • Promotions and Increments
    • Transfers
    • Leave, Permission and Late-coming
    • Targets
    • Shift Schedules
    • Bonuses
    • Loans
    • Suspensions
    • Resignations
  • Keeps track of all Deductions like Insurance, TDS, Loans and Advances
  • Generates Payroll and enables Accounts to make payments
  • Generates exhaustive MIS for Analysis
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