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Software for Automation of Plant & Machinery Maintenance

Maintain is an optimum solution software package for maintaining facilities, plant and equipment in any manufacturing enterprise. The user-friendliness and flexibility of the package lends itself for managing maintenance activities effectively. The package is capable of storing data and retrieving a variety of information that aids decision-making, be it downtime analysis, spare parts usage, analysis of cost incurred under various cost-heads, make buy / maintain decisions on equipments, reschedule planned maintenance activities based on stock availability of spares, release work-orders to sub-contractors, call for report on labor productivity etc.

Maintenance Management involves employing resources optimally. Maintain helps you plan and effectively control employing your resources of Men, Money and Time. The package extensively covers Preventive, Planned, Breakdown and Unscheduled Maintenance.

Delving on its details, the following features have won the package accolades :

Maintenance Management
Maintain generates Planned and Preventive Maintenance Schedules for the year.
Enables you to undertake Scheduled / Breakdown / Unscheduled maintenance activities.
Automatically generates Maintenance Schedules for the year based on frequency of Planned and Preventive maintenance defined in the machine master.
Optimizes utilization of resources and cuts down costs.
Stores Machinery details with age and warranty period.
Classifies machines as Production, Service or Auxillary on the basis of the importance of their operation.
Automatically selects list of spares corresponding to the machine to undergo maintenance.
Facilitates scheduling maintenance activities on holidays.
Facilitates distribution of job into multiple work orders, placing the same between Internal and External parties.
Generates information on activities to be performed for every maintenance job and spares to be used.
Helps you to monitor actual maintenance work with those scheduled.
Helps fine-tune maintenance plans by displaying completed work order details and next schedule dates.
Enables you to reschedule Planned and Preventive maintenance activities for a machinne and updates all related future schedules.
Provides for comparing maintenance schedules with psat years' performances.
Break down Analysis shows the breakdown history of every machine.
Makes troubleshoot easy by recording breakdown Problems and Solutions for future reference.
Facilitates declaring a machine as obsolete and terminating all its maintenance schedules.
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Maintain stores Material Master Details and helps you fine-tune your purchase plans based on lead-time required for procurement.
Maintain aids easier selections in activities screens by enabling you to define Suppliers in the Supplier Master screen.
Stores Requisitions of Spare, records issues and generates information on pending requisitions.
Stores Quantity of spares used for every maintenance activity.
Streamlines business flow by monitoring machinery spares issued to Sub-contractors and received.
Helps you prevent disruption of maintenance work by alerting you in case of Stock outs.
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Job Allocation to Personnel
Maintain enables you to define employees and wages connected with maintenance activity.
Stores locations and corresponding department details.
Allocates wages to employees by capturing hours worked.
Monitors job status.
Facilitates raising enquiries against sub-contractors for machine maintenance.
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Costs & Budgets
Maintain helps you budget maintenance costs by taking into account the previous year's expenses.
Captures Monthly Actual Expenses for consumables and overheads and generates information on costs incurred for maintenance.
Facilitates comparison of actual and budgeted costs with graphs on Expected costs, Actual costs and the Variance.
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GUI / Windows® based, Win 95 / 98 / ME for Desktop & Win NT for Client-Server.
Reports can be printed directly from the package.
Maintain enables you to define Users and Control Access to the Package.
Maintain provides facility to Backup & Restore your database.

Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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